BIOKOSMA® is the pioneer in Swiss natural cosmetics, and has been inspired by nature since 1935. The brand offers high-quality products for facial, hair and body care. To this day, all its products are developed and produced in the midst of the Swiss mountains.

Natural beauty with natural cosmetic products by BIOKOSMA®

Organic apricot kernel oil and organic honey.

The exclusive care for silky-smooth skin

Pampering fragrances, pleasantly soft textures and organic plant extracts are the basis for the exclusive BIOKOSMA® body oils. They can be used daily, and revitalise the senses as well as the skin. The Firming body oil with organic apricot kernel oil and organic honey from Switzerland improves skin firmness and strengthens the connective tissue. It is notable for its special combination of organic honey and natural oils, which provide tired skin with generous quantities of care ingredients and maintain the moisture balance. The sea buckthorn berry oil in the oil contains plenty of carotenoids and soothes dry skin.

The range of exclusive BIOKOSMA® body oils:
Pampering body oil with organic wild rose
Strengthens the cells and improves skin elasticity
Nourishing body oil with organic wheat
For skin that feels pleasant and to improve its moisture balance
Anticellulite body oil with organic lemon verbena
Improves the skin function and the appearance of cellulite

The Firming body oil complements the apricot and honey range of body care products with shower cream, shower peel and a pampering body milk.

Pack sizes
100 ml

Available in Switzerland in pharmacies, chemists, health shops and in large department stores.

Beauty from the plants of Switzerland

A rich source of exclusive active ingredients

Switzerland is known for its lovely mountains and lakes. Its flora and fauna are equally varied. The different altitudes in the country mean that it has a tremendous variety of plants. BIOKOSMA® uses a wide range of Swiss plants, flowers and fruits that are carefully selected and processed for its natural cosmetic products.

The main ingredients in the NATRUE-certified ranges are from controlled organic sources in Switzerland.


Sunflower sprouts provide the skin’s cells with more energy, which makes them ideal for maturer skin. They nourish and protect demanding skin and increase its resistance. Sunflower sprouts protect against cell damage and support the skin’s natural regeneration.

ACTIVE VISAGE, the regenerating care line for demanding and mature skin with extracts of organic sunflower sprouts from Thurgau.


Hop blossoms have nourishing properties, and leave the skin feeling wonderfully smooth. They also nourish the hair, and leave it shiny and strong. Hop blossoms are antioxidant and prevent premature skin ageing.

Men’s Care, the natural care line for male skin, with extracts of organic hop blossoms from Switzerland.


The cornflower strengthens the skin and soothes skin irritations. It helps to reduce the size of pores, which refines the appearance of the skin. It refreshes and moisturises the skin. Cornflowers protect the skin against environmental influences.

PURE VISAGE, the effective care line for impure and greasy skin with organic cornflower extract from Switzerland.


Roses are valued for their regenerating and moisturising properties. Wild roses strengthen the cell membrane and boost elasticity.

Pampering body oil with extracts of organic wild roses from Switzerland.


Raw materials grown in a controlled biological environment

BIOKOSMA® stands for Swiss quality. We apply the highest quality standards both to the substances we use and to the procurement process. All our products are developed and made in cooperation with carefully selected partners in Switzerland. The products instantly appeal for their soft consistency and naturally stimulating fragrance on application. BIOKOSMA® products are also extremely well tolerated by the skin, which is confirmed by various independent test institutes.

The newly developed BIOKOSMA® skincare lines are made with organic plants from Switzerland. They are grown in controlled biological environments, and are processed with the greatest care using state-of-the-art technology. BIOKOSMA® products are not tested on animals. 60 per cent of our products are vegan. Most of our products are NATRUE-certified. The NATRUE quality seal guarantees absolutely authentic natural cosmetics.

Ongoing development is essential in the natural cosmetics market.

Hanspeter Steidle, son of co-founder Max Steidle

Pioneer since 1935

The modern natural cosmetics line with tradition

The history of BIOKOSMA® began in 1935 with Rudolf Müller in a small health food store on Rennweg 15 in Zurich, Switzerland. The first product he developed was a lemon facial cream, and with that he laid the foundation stone for the BIOKOSMA® brand. Max Steidle took over the company in the 40s. As a pioneer in the field of healthy nutrition and with an in-depth knowledge of the beneficial powers of nature, he turned the BIOKOSMA® brand into the Swiss pioneer in natural cosmetics.

From the beginning, Max Steidle used carefully selected plant ingredients from Switzerland for his face and body care products. With tremendous ambition, he turned BIOKOSMA® into a brand of natural cosmetics, adapting it to constantly changing customer requirements. In line with Max Steidle’s innovative spirit and principles, organic Swiss plants are today at the heart of BIOKOSMA®’s product development. As a Swiss natural cosmetics brand, it appeals to and delights purchasers of natural cosmetics in Switzerland, in other European countries and in the Far East with its performance and innovation.