FEMANNOSE® N with d-mannose. For the acute treatment and prevention of cystitis.

  • Works quickly in the bladder
    May be effective immediately after taking
  • Very well tolerated
    Thanks to d-mannose
  • No development of resistance
    Germs are deactivated and eliminated

Pain and burning when passing water?

Treat without antibiotics

Almost half of all women will experience cystitis and urinary tract infections at least once in their lives. Burning and pain when passing water are often annoying symptoms, but an increased urge to urinate can also accompany cystitis. All too often, people may reach for antibiotics to treat cystitis.

FEMANNOSE® N with d-mannose is a treatment approach for cystitis and urinary tract infections caused by E. coli, for the acute treatment and prevention. The main advantage is that, unlike with antibiotics, the pathogenic germs are unable to develop resistance because d-mannose is eliminated with the urine in its original state.

Pack sizes
14 sachets, 30 sachets

Available in pharmacies and chemists.

Symptoms of cystitis

Help – it burns!

Intestinal bacteria as the cause of cystitis

Why women are affected more than men

E. coli bacteria cause 90 per cent of all cases of cystitis. They are actually established in the intestines. In women, there is only a small gap between the anus and the urethral opening. Plus their urethra is only between 2.5 and 4 cm long. This makes it easier for the bacteria to enter the urethra or even the bladder.

Often, the immune system fails to notice the E. coli bacteria entering the urinary tract. A healthy defence mechanism will generally fight these bacteria straight away. However, if this function is impaired, then the E. coli bacteria can adhere to the mucous membranes and cause an infection.

Danger foreseen – germ banished

How FEMANNOSE® N works

On taking FEMANNOSE®N, d-mannose travel to the bladder and the urinary tract in the original state. D-mannose bind with the tiny hairs (fimbriae) of the E. coli bacteria. This deactivates the bacteria that cause the infection (90% E. coli) and washes them out with the urine. May start to work as soon as it is taken.

Obligatory product information

Therapeutic indications: For the treatment and prevention of cystitis (bladder infection) and other urinary tract infections caused by E. coli. For adults and children over 14 years of age. This is a medical device. Read the enclosed patient information leaflet.