Melisana AG, founded in Basel in 1953, can celebrate its 70th anniversary this year. Not only well-known brand products contribute to the success of the trading company, but also a special corporate culture.

A 70-year company anniversary is a confirmation of the achievement of Melisana AG, its employees, customers and partner companies, because it marks a long and eventful period with many high points, but also with one or two challenges.

You have all contributed, and this is the key to our success, that we can celebrate our 70th company anniversary today.

In addition, a heartfelt thank you for many years of trusting and cooperative partnership.


Working for your health for over 70 years

Melisana AG, based at the heart of Zurich, Switzerland, was originally founded in Basel in 1953, and is a member of the Klosterfrau Healthcare Group. Melisana AG is specialized in the marketing of over-the-counter remedies, dietary supplement and cosmetic products for self-medication.

Creating health and well-being for people is, and will always be, the challenging aim of the business activities of Melisana AG. Melisana products guarantee the highest quality for the benefit of the users. In addition to the best-known brands of Alca-C, FEMANNOSE® N, Dermophil, OYONO and DUL-X®, it also markets a wide range of other proven products.

The strong network of retail partners of Melisana AG comprises pharmacies, drug stores, doctors and hospitals.

FEMANNOSE® N with d-mannose is an entirely new approach to the treatment of cystitis – for acute treatment and, in a low dosage, for prevention. In addition to the tremendous advantage that no resistances develop, the rapid onset of action and excellent tolerance both speak in favour of FEMANNOSE® N. 

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Alca-C® is the classic remedy for colds and flu. It reduces fever and relieves pain associated with colds. Alca-C® does not cause drowsiness and is fast-acting.

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DUL-X is a proven system of remedies for the treatment of muscle and joint pain, sports injuries, rheumatic complaints, colds and flu.

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Our brands

A strong range for your well-being

common coldgastrointestinalmuscles and joints
Femannose N
bladder and urinary passage
common cold
common cold
muscles and joints
common cold
common cold
muscles and joints
bladder and urinary passage
other Products


Competence for the future

We focus on new and innovative solutions to problems that offer the consumer the appropriate benefits.

Jürg Frommlet, CEO Melisana AG

As a traditional medium-sized company, our main activities focus on the marketing and sale of our products. This specialisation requires the company to be consistently orientated to its customers’ requirements. Our aim is to gain a leading position in various divisions in the field of consumer healthcare. Melisana AG has a team of scientists, pharmacists, pharmaceutical assistants, marketing and sales personnel to ensure that the comprehensive requirements of the market and of compliance are met.

Furthermore, Melisana AG benefits from the internationalisation and knowledge transfer of the specialist teams in market research, research and development, and quality management within the Klosterfrau Healthcare Group. The long-term orientation of both Melisana AG and of the Klosterfrau Healthcare Group is a key factor in its corporate strategy to guide it successfully into the future. That is why the collaborations and partnerships of Melisana AG with its business partners are based on concepts that are geared towards trust, sustainability and win-win situations.


Attractive products for a wide range of therapeutic indications

Melisana AG offers a broad and attractive brand portfolio that contains the right products for a wide range of indications and diseases. The portfolio includes effective alternatives for colds, cystitis, and muscle and joint pains.


Strength lies in cooperation

Behind every innovation and success are people with their thinking, commitment and knowledge. At Melisana AG, the close cooperation between the various members of staff in departments from marketing and sales to customer services are at the heart of everything we do.


Please see our German pagefor our current job vacancies

Melisana AG employs around 30 people in the fields of marketing, field services, regulatory and quality management and administration. It is important to us that we offer good employment conditions and very good social benefits. We favour open and proactive communication and a positive working climate throughout the company.

You will find a wide range of tasks and exciting projects here that require a high level of independence. Every day, we put our all into achieving success. We are delighted that you would like to offer us your skills and abilities. You will find details of our current vacancies here. We look forward to receiving your application.



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