A tradition started by a nun almost 200 years ago still continues today. The Klosterfrau® brand continues the tradition of relying on the healing power of nature and using it for health purposes.  

Unique tradition combined with modern science: herbal products from Klosterfrau

KLOSTERFRAU® Spirit of Melissa

13 medicinal herbs for the medicine cabinet

The healing power of melissa, or lemon balm, has been known since ancient times. The Arabs later cultivated the herb in Spain, and from there it spread to central Europe. Because of its healing properties and popularity with bees, lemon balm has been grown since medieval times, and no monastery or convent would be without it in their herb garden.

To this day, lemon balm is used primarily for its positive effects on our nervous system. Because the autonomic nervous system houses the control centre for bodily functions such as respiration, cardiac function, digestion and sleep. Lemon balm can be used both for its stimulating and soothing effects. It can relieve cramps and alleviate pain.

Klosterfrau® Spirit of Melissa has been produced by Klosterfrau for many generations, following a trusted recipe. Besides lemon balm, Spirit of Melissa also includes 12 other established medicinal herbs. This makes up the unique composition of Klosterfrau® Spirit of Melissa. The herbs it contains come from cultured plant crops. Digestive problems, sleep disorders, anxiety and tension in the autonomic nervous system can cause us to feel unwell. The medicinal herbs in Klosterfrau Spirit of Melissa possess soothing properties which relieve non-specific digestive problems such as bloating and indigestion. Klosterfrau® Spirit of Melissa can also help provide relief from sleep disorders and help provide a good night’s sleep. The herbs can also ease nervousness and tension. Applied externally, Klosterfrau® Spirit of Melissa can be used for aching muscles and headaches.

Pack sizes
47 ml, 95 ml, 155 ml

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Herbal medicines for health and well-being

Klosterfrau® Spirit of Melissa, the most well-known product from Klosterfrau, was introduced in Switzerland in 1953. Steeped in tradition, the Spirit of Melissa is based on the original recipe of 1826 by the nun Maria Clementine Martin, which she constantly refined each time she made it. Today, Klosterfrau® Spirit of Melissa still enjoys a high degree of popularity and is found in many home medicine cabinets. In the same year, Maria Clementine Martin founded her company near Cologne Cathedral, laying the foundations for a global pharmaceutical company with her successful herbal remedies. 

The knowledge of the past

For the science of today

Tradition, nature and sustainability: The Klosterfrau brand has taken these three basic core values and not only put them at the centre of everything it does, but also found a harmonious balance between them. These values are continuously being adapted to fit our modern times, with product innovations or with new technical production processes which protect the environment and conserve resources. The traditional yet modern herbal medicinal products and medical devices have not lost their importance today. The Klosterfrau brand uses its knowledge with the clear aim of utilising the healing power of nature for the benefit of humankind and promoting natural self-healing.

Obligatory product information

Klosterfrau® Spirit of Melissa
Therapeutic indications: Internally: For non-specific digestive problems (bloating, indigestion); for nervousness and sleep complaints. Do not take undiluted! Externally: For sore muscles (for massage), tension headaches. Caution: Contains 66% alcohol (by volume). Must not be used in children and adolescents under the age of 18. This is an authorised medicinal product. Read the enclosed patient information leafletand the safety data sheet.