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Ovulation, fertile days and pregnancy

Fast and reliable test results

How early can a pregnancy be detected? How early is it worth taking a pregnancy test? The Seratec® Deluxe early pregnancy test offers a simple, fast and prompt solution to safely test for a potential pregnancy. The pregnancy hormone hCG can already be detected in the urine up to three days before the period is due. As a result, an early test is able to detect a possible pregnancy. When performed correctly, the Seratec® Deluxe early test is on a par with a laboratory test.

The Seratec® Baby-Time ovulation test helps you to calculate your fertile days. This quick test specifically detects the luteinising hormone (LH). The concentration of the luteinising hormone increases sharply immediately before ovulation. The ovule is fertile during this short window, which is only about 12 to 24 hours.

Pack sizes Seratec® Deluxe pregnancy test
1 test, 2 tests

Pack sizes Seratec® Baby-Time ovulation test
6 tests

Regulating the intestines with lactulose

Gatinar® syrup to combat constipation

Gatinar® allows natural stimulation of bowel function, without the risk of developing tolerance or suffering painful irritation. Gatinar® and its metabolic products have an osmotic effect, which softens the stool, making it easier to empty the bowel. The active substance of Gatinar®, lactulose, helps to restore the normal intestinal flora. In adults, the change in intestinal flora requires about one to two days. In infants, softened stools are passed just a few hours after taking Gatinar®.

Pack sizes
200 ml, 500 ml

Obligatory product information

Seratec® Deluxe pregnancy test and Seratec® Baby-Time ovulation test
These are medical devices for in-vitro diagnostic. Read the enclosed patient information leaflet.

Gatinar® syrup
Therapeutic indications: For use for all forms of constipation, especially following surgery; during pregnancy and breastfeeding (following consultation with your doctor); during confinement to bed; for the treatment of chronic constipation. This is an authorised medicinal product. Read the enclosed patient information leaflet.