Néo-Décongestine® is a ready-to-use wound-dressing paste for external application, for localised relief from inflammation and pain.

Bruises, rheumatism or cold? Néo-Décongestine® – simply apply and leave it to work

Traditional remedy for pain and inflammation

The proven wound-dressing paste for cold application

Bruises and muscle strains can temporarily cause severe pain and require special attention. Néo-Décongestine® is a ready-to-use wound-dressing paste for external application, which relieves pain and inflammation locally. The paste is applied to the skin without heating it. It is spreadable, soft and gentle. The wound-dressing paste adapts perfectly to the body shape. It is covered with cotton wool and fastened with an elasticated bandage.

The paste is suitable for spreading on the skin anywhere on the body. Néo-Décongestine® has also proved to be successful for long-term diseases such as rheumatism and can provide localised pain relief. Néo-Décongestine® can also be used as an additional measure to help relieve colds, sore throats and throat inflammation.

Pack sizes
350 g, 1000 g

Available in pharmacies and chemists.

Obligatory product information

Therapeutic indications: For the treatment of sprains, bruises, strains, muscle strain, rheumatism and colds, for sore throat relief and as an additional measure to relieve the pain of throat inflammation. Néo Décongestine® is for adults and adolescents from 12 years of age. For children two years and above, use only short-term and do not apply over large areas. This is an authorised medicinal product. Read the enclosed patient information leaflet.