Fever, aching limbs and a full diary? Stay active all day with Alca-C® and get a quick solution on the go with Alca-Direct®. Effective against colds and fever and provides pain relief.

The daytime cold specialist
fast-acting and non-drowsy

For the symptomatic treatment of fever and aches associated with colds.

The classic for colds and fever

Always a strong brand in the cold market

Got a cold and deadlines? Fever and holidays? Aches and a sporting event? Our immune system is more susceptible to colds in autumn and winter in particular. But viruses attack our immune system in summer, too, and can cause colds. At times like these, actively meeting your responsibilities becomes a challenge.

Alca-C® relieves pain and reduces fevers in patients with colds and flu. It does not cause drowsiness, making it ideal as a daytime medication to treat the fever and aches associated with colds.

Pack sizes
10 effervescent tablets, 20 effervescent tablets

Available in pharmacies and chemists.

Vitamin C booster for the immune system

Revitalising and pleasant to take

An Alca-C® effervescent tablet contains the active ingredients carbasalate calcium and vitamin C. Alca-C® is gentle on the stomach and fast-acting (from as little as 15–20 minutes [tmax = 48 min.]).

Combined with the vitamin C booster, Alca-C® has a revitalising effect. It also supplies the extra vitamin C you need when you have a cold, supporting the body’s own natural defences. The preparation is available as an effervescent drink with a pleasant orange flavour.

Stay active all day with Alca-C®!

ALCA-DIRECT® – the quick solution for those on the go!

The innovative application without water

Pain can be excruciating and needlessly sap your energy, especially when you are on the go. This is particularly unpleasant if you are on holiday or you just want to enjoy a nice evening out at the cinema. Aches and pains can also become a major strain on business trips or when shopping. That’s why there is Alca-Direct® for those on the go as a fine powder with a pleasant lemon taste.

Alca-Direct® can be taken without water in convenient little sachets. The powder dissolves on the tongue immediately and acts quickly (from as little as 15–20 minutes [tmax = 27 min.]). Alca-Direct® reduces fever, relieves pain and inhibits inflammation associated with colds.

Alca-Direct® can also be used for the treatment of acute pain (headache, dental pain, joint and ligament pain and back pain). A sachet contains the active substance acetylsalicylic acid.

Pack sizes
14 sachets

Available in pharmacies and chemists.

Fast and effective relief for cold and flu symptoms

Success from experience and expertise

The classic course of the common cold

Colds and flu and their symptoms are one of our main areas and a core competency for Melisana. Melisana offers strong brands and has decades of experience to draw on.

It is often an airborne virus that causes a cold. It is passed on by talking, coughing and sneezing, for example, and also via contaminated objects. Even those with a healthy immune system catch a cold between two and four times every year, and children are infected even more. Actively meeting your responsibilities and boosting your immune system then becomes a challenge.

That’s where Alca-C® comes in: the fever-reducing and pain-relieving properties provide fast and effective relief from cold and flu symptoms.

Alca-C® – the daytime cold and flu specialist
Obligatory product information


Therapeutic indications: For the short-term treatment (maximum 3 days) of fever and/or aches and pains during colds. For adolescents 12 years and above, of weight greater than 40 kg, on doctor's prescription only and as a second-line treatment only. The addition of ascorbic acid also provides the extra vitamin C required by patients with colds, supporting the body’s own natural defences. This is an authorised medicinal product. Read the enclosed patient information leaflet.

Therapeutic indications: Alca-Direct® is used in adults for the short-term treatment (maximum three days) of light to moderately severe, acute pain such as headaches, dental pain, joint and ligament pain and back pain, as well as for the symptomatic relief of fever and/or pain associated with colds and flu. Alca-Direct® is for adults and children from 12 years of age. It may be taken only on prescription by a doctor and only as a second choice. This is an authorised medicinal product. Read the enclosed patient information leaflet.